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  • How to do an online basket raffle

    Basket Raffles, also known as a Chinese Auction or Chinese Raffle are a great way to raise funds online for your Charity or NonProfit.  To be honest, we have been hosting and building websites for traditional raffles for so long it was not until a few years ago that many organizations started asking us to do build something to do them.  As far as we know, Chance2Win is the only online basket raffle service.

    What is a Chinese Raffle or Basket Raffle?

    Many people refer to this kind of raffle as a Basket Raffle, Chinese Auction or Chinese Raffle.  The terms tend to vary depending on what part of the country you are from.  In a traditional raffle, you purchase a ticket or number of tickets and you are entered into the drawing.  A traditional raffle might have just 1 big prize or a handful of prizes, such as the Grand Prize, then 2nd Prize, and 3rd Prize.  With an online Basket Raffle, there are an assortment of prizes.  You purchase a number of tickets and then you add those tickets to the various prize baskets you are interested in entering.  This is part of where the Chinese Auction name comes in.  You are basically bidding with your tickets for that prize.  The more tickets you enter in a specific prize basket the greater the odds are for winning that particular prize.  With a Basket Raffle, there tend to be a lot more winners.  You also get to put your tickets towards the prizes you are most interested in.

    How does a Basket Raffle work on Chance2Win?

    Hosting a Online Basket Raffle is easy with Chance2Win.org.  The process is divided into 2 parts.  Once the Charity has signed up for Chance2Win and submitted their Raffle Intake Form, Chance2Win will setup the site. The Raffle Setup Form tells us the info we need to setup your website.  We do not need the prize basket info at this time.   Once the website setup in our staging area, the Charity Admin will login and setup Prize Categories.  Having multiple categories allows for the prizes to be sorted to make it easy for your customers to see what prizes are available.    It is not uncommon for a Charity to have over 100 prize baskets.  Once the Categories are setup, then the Charity Admin will add the prizes to each category.  Each prize will have a name or title, a photo and a description.     When the Raffle is published and live, the users will come and purchase a ticket package, such as 20 tickets.  They then add those tickets to the various prizes.  When all tickets have been assigned to prizes, they checkout and then will receive an email confirmation with the ticket numbers and the prizes each ticket has been added to.  At the end of the raffle, the Our system will randomly select winners for each prize basket and display on the Charity Raffle Website.